Who we are


SprezzaColonia is a young company from Cologne that wants to bring Neapolitan tailoring to Germany (and apart from it). We cooperate with small traditional sartorias from Naples in order to offer hundred per cent handcrafted jackets, shirts and trousers for a decent price. You choose material and style for getting an individual masterpiece in unbeatable quality. SprezzaColonia spares you several journeys and a long waiting time. We are always available for advice and customer service.


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Neapolitan tailoring - why?


Sprezzatura is an idea from the Italian Renessaince. It describes a standpoint of Nonchalance to bear the day effortlessly. This sprezzatura that, lived by many Italian gentlemen, fascinates a strongly growing comminity. Also we feel attracted to Neapolitan tailoring. No matter the lightly structured jackets with natural lines, the wide lapels, the softly falling shoulders, the curved pockets, the courage for colours and patterns. Lovers and aficionados of small details are in the right place!