Aristide Tofani




Sartoria Tofani was founded 1954 in historical Naples by Aristide Tofani. Tofani learned his craft by the big master Vincenzo Attolini who had a very strong influence to Neapolitan tailoring. On the other hand the young Aristide is at the age of 20 and dedicated to continue the family tradition. For this his father Davide stands next to his side as a daily teacher. Together they tailor everything that belongs to men's wishes of classic wardrobe – each a bespoke tailored masterpiece. For us the young Aristide made an exclusively limited tie collection. At first 3-folded and of course 100% handmade.

 Classy, versatile, unique - this tie makes the difference on each occasion!


100% percent heavy silk, red floral pattern on mid blue ground: This classic and decent pattern is appropriate for navy or grey suit combined with a bright shirt. But also in casual style you can't do anything wrong with this. Pair it with a bright summer sportscoat or with brown autumn Tweed.

Handmade tie by Aristide Tofani

Versatile royal blue with red floral pattern

100% English silk


8 cm wide

Limited edition

99,00 €

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